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• Strings Class Supplies

Learning to play a string instrument can be a challenging, yet enjoyable experience for your child. Having the appropriate tools is essential to a successful learning experience. For this reason, there are items that I require each student to have for Strings Class. Below are two lists that will help you shop for your child. The first list of Required Materials are things that each student must have in order to participate in Strings Class. The second list, Recommended Materials,  are items that may be helpful to have, but are not immediately necessary for the learning of your child. I also included a brief description of each item on the list to aid you in making the most informed decision about what you buy.

Required Materials
    Violin, Viola, and Cello are the instruments your son or daughter can choose from for Strings Class. These instruments come in many sizes, and it is important that the size of the instrument matches the size of the student. Please be sure to get a music teacher to measure your child for the appropriate size instrument before you purchase an instrument.

Shoulder Rest or End Pin Anchor

    Violin and Viola students need a shoulder rest. This will help support the instrument on the body. Artino, Kun, and shaped shoulder sponges are all acceptable.
    Cello students will need an end pin anchor. This will help stabilize the instrument’s end pin on the floor so that it does not slip. End pin anchors with a strap that can be attached to the leg of a chair are recommended. An example of this type is the Xeros Brand. End pin anchors without a strap are also acceptable options.


    Either light or dark rosin is acceptable.

Cleaning Rag

    This is needed to keep the varnish of the instrument from getting damaged. Cloths made especially for instrument cleaning are available, but a small washcloth or an old cut up t-shirt can also be used.

Name Tag

    Many instrument cases look similar to one another. Be sure to have a luggage tag or any other durable tag that you can use to identify your child’s instrument.

Class Text Book

    Essential Elements for Strings, Book 1 with EEi. Books are instrument specific, so be sure to get the correct version.

Two Pocket Folder


Recommended Materials
Music Stand
    A music stand for a musician is like a desk for a scholar. A music stand will prop up books and sheet music so that it can be read easily while the musician maintains good posture. 


    A metronome is a tool that students can use to help keep time. Using one will help students establish a good sense of rhythm and beat. 

Spare Strings

    Strings can wear down and break as time passes. Having a spare set of strings on hand can prevent having to make a trip to a music store at an inconvenient time. Some string brands I recommend are Red Label or Dominant. Be sure to pick strings that match the size of the instrument you have.

Local and Online Resources
There are many ways to shop for music class materials. Local music stores are available to sell you supplies and help you with your musical needs. There are also some vendors online that specialize in instruments and supplies specifically for string players. Below is a list of places you can go to conveniently and sufficiently fulfill your needs:

Dietz Brothers Music Store: 240 S Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach 90266
Morey’s Music Store: 4834 Woodruff Ave, Lakewood 90713
Southwest Strings Online
Shar Music Online